TV-PGSeptember 22, 1997: (Sorry—this was before we started writing intro text for each episode!)
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Power's Parthian Shot (9/22/97)

If you've sat through our credits, you may have noticed that AtAT is created on a Power Computing PowerTower Pro 200 (named Victoria, incidentally). Well, you can bet that we're not overly thrilled that our lovely machine is now an orphan, with the demise of Power Computing's Mac OS business. Still, the print ad in the latest MacWorld made us laugh so hard, it helped take the edge off. If you haven't seen it, MacNN has graciously posted a scanned version here. Personally, once my hoots of laughter had died down and I had wiped the tears from my eyes, all I could think of was, "Man, am I gonna miss these guys..."

Good luck, PCC, in your Wintel endeavors. Sorry it didn't work out.

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Claris Pricing Scandal (9/22/97)

Faithful reader Norman Ackerman points out something noteworthy going on over at Claris. Seems that the Apple-owned software company has seen fit to charge Mac users more than Windows users for the same software. Norman refers us to the Claris price list, where indeed you yourself may verify that Mac users pay a premium over their Windows-using cronies. How much of a premium? Try $20 for ClarisWorks 5.0, or $70 for ClarisDraw.

What's up with this? Well, a more reasonable site might assume that perhaps Claris sells more Windows software than Mac software, so they must charge a higher price on the Mac titles to make the same profit. Or they might guess that Claris is fighting the good fight, and trying to get more of its alternatives to Microsoft wares into PC-stronghold businesses. Us? We just figure the whole thing's a big conspiracy. Remember that Apple-Microsoft agreement back in early August? There was a little more going on there than meets the eye. Wink wink.

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A Little Slow (9/22/97)

Macintouch has a link to a San Francisco Examiner article in which ex-cast member Gil Amelio (remember him? He used to play Apple CEO) finally starts to catch on. Gullible Gil has apparently finally started to realize that maybe, just maybe, Steve Jobs had something to do with his being thrown off the show last July.

Yay, we're all on the same page again! Gil can be forgiven a bit, I suppose; after all, since his ousting, he hasn't had access to the script like we have, but still... If this were real life we were watching, here, it'd be kind of sad seeing Gil play Ralph Furley to Jobs' Jack Tripper. But just remember... it's only a TV show.

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Video Feedback (9/22/97)

MacNN reports on a new Mac-based web site. "As the Apple Turns is a new daily web site that follows the latest "angst-soaked news and rumors from the wild and woolly world of an effort to compile the more dramatic pieces of information from the more prominent Mac news sites and present them in the context they seem to...

...Whoops, we've gone self-referential. Sorry about that. Ever pointed a camcorder at its own monitor screen? ;-)

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