Time For Steve Jobs (10/10/99)

He may never have won "Man of the Year" status, but Time Magazine has put Steve Jobs on the cover of its latest issue anyway. There he is, smiling enigmatically, sharing the cover with the stars of the two companies he currently runs; he's sandwiched between two iMacs and escorted by Woody and Buzz of the upcoming Pixar treat "Toy Story 2." While we haven't actually seen the issue in question, the web site indicates that it's a virtual Steve-fest, so if you're a dead-tree-edition type of person, stop by your local newsstand for a whole lotta Jobs.

For the "print is dead" contingent among our viewership, fear not-- TIME.com has plenty of digital content for you as well. There's the feature article, "Steve's Two Jobs," which provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the man and the myth. Then there's "Steve Jobs at 45," Time's exclusive interview with everyone's favorite iCEO, which gives lots of "in-his-own-words" insights into Steve's mind. There's also a quickie look at the new iMac (in which the author reveals that the lack of a fan does indeed make the top of the iMac feel hot), a poke around Pixar, and a sneak peek at Toy Story 2, due out this Thanksgiving. It's enough to leave you all Steved out.

Like we said, it's a whole lotta Jobs. But what's this? At the bottom of each online article is an ad pushing subscriptions to Time, and whose smiling visage should be peering out of the "4 free trial issues" graphic but Bill Gates himself. Man, is there anywhere that Bill won't try to horn in on Steve's action? Tsk, tsk. It's shameless, it really is.

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The above scene was taken from the 10/10/99 episode:

October 10, 1999: Cut the Pentium humor-- the G4 has its own "errata" now. Meanwhile, Time Magazine unveils its salute to Steve Jobs, even as the iCEO finds himself in an epic secret struggle against anti-Tangerine operatives sworn to thwart his plans to promote the color to "most popular" status...

Other scenes from that episode:

  • 1833: It's Payback Time (10/10/99)   Stop the Pentium math-error jokes, because those of us in the PowerPC camp suddenly have a lot less to smile about. According to a MacWEEK article, Apple's 500 MHz Power Mac G4 isn't going to surface in October as originally planned, due to "errata" in the G4 chip design that cause problems when the processor is run at 500 MHz or higher...

  • 1835: The Epic Struggle Rages (10/10/99)   Reports are flooding in from happy iBook owners who were either impulsive enough to have placed one of the earliest Apple Store pre-orders or lucky enough to have found iBooks on the shelves at the local Sears...

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