Gear Up, Party Down (10/21/99)

Here we are, scant hours away from the debut of Mac OS 9. Well, the official debut, anyway-- there were those 450 copies accidentally sent out early by some poor schmoe at Apple who likely had his pink slip autographed and laminated by the Mighty Steve himself. (Hey, at least it'll fetch a good price on eBay.) Now that Mac OS 9 is ready to sell, and there are a semi-reasonable number of Power Mac G4s, iMac DVs, and even a few iBooks in the channel, this is the perfect weekend for a massive Apple Demo Days extravaganza-- so that's just what's going to happen. Thanks to Jerry O'Neil for pointing us towards MacWEEK's coverage of the big event.

Yup, Demo Days promotions are scheduled at a slew of Sears and CompUSA stores, and several Fry's and MicroCenter locations, and other smaller chains and stores are planning their own independent throwdowns. Several stores, such as Creative Computers' retail outlet in Santa Monica (they're the MacMall folks) and Elite Computers in Cupertino (right across from Apple's main campus, we think), are even having "Midnight Madness" sales so that rabid Mac fans can buy their copies of Mac OS 9 right at 12:01. So if you just gotta be the first on the block to have Mac OS 9, there are ways to do it-- plus you can party down with all the funky new Macs in Apple's product line, too.

Sadly, a couple of Apple products probably won't make the party. The new $999 base-level Blueberry iMac has yet to be seen anywhere, apparently, so the multiflavored iMac DVs are going to get all the attention. And then there's the PowerBook G3. Since the poor thing hasn't been updated since last May, we have a feeling that it'll get short shrift amid all the hubbub surrounding Apple's newest products. After all, the PowerBook is Apple's only computer that still lacks an AirPort slot-- how over is that? It just screams "mid-1999." But at least it's still the only Apple product with a light-up logo, so maybe it won't be a total wallflower.

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The above scene was taken from the 10/21/99 episode:

October 21, 1999: Mac OS 9 is ready to roll, and the rest of Apple's product line joins in for a weekend chock full of Demo Days madness. Meanwhile, our local Sears may get a Steve Jobs smackdown if Apple implements a customer retail report form on its web site, and Bill Gates won't be getting an honorary degree from the University of Victoria, despite his deep, deep pockets...

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