Hit With The Honest Stick (12/5/99)

Ooooh, sometimes the universe doles out a heaping helping of poetic justice and it's sweeter than cherry Dum Dums. Of course, usually the universe gets a little helping hand from mere mortals, but it still puts a smile on our collective face. Like when Judge Jackson published his findings of fact in the "Redmond Justice" trial-- it just made us feel all warm and sunny inside. And now faithful viewer Joe Pavlo has informed us of a late-breaking development in the whole karmic payback scheme of things: take a look at Future Power's E-Power page.

While the picture of the original (er, we mean "first") iMac clone is exactly what we expected, the page's text has had several "amendments" made to it in the interest of truth in advertising. Under the photo is the caption "Future Power: The Windows PC that wishes it was [sic] an iMac." It's also listed as "Bulbous, Lame, Internet-Clumsy." Check out the feature list: the E-Power comes with an Intel Celeron 433 ("up to half as fast as an iMac"). And as for its release date? "Coming as soon as we can fool the courts into thinking this was our idea in the first place!" Just in case the hack gets taken down before you get a chance to see it, we've posted a 116KB JPEG screenshot.

So, whaddya think? Disgruntled employee, or outside hack? We're guessing "hack" ourselves-- it's a little amateurish on the page, but funny nonetheless. And as Joe says, "I'll bet you Future Power doesn't use Mac OS X Server!" Good guess, Joe. NetCraft reports that Future Power's site is run by-- surprise, surprise-- "Microsoft-IIS/4.0 on NT4 or Windows 98." Microsoft's web server software is a hacker's dream, so we're told. Incidentally, Netcraft also reports that "Microsoft-IIS is also being used by Compaq." Will the same hacker target the iPaq next? (No, that's not an invitation or a challenge. We don't condone what happened to Future Power's site. Be nice, people. Really.)

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The above scene was taken from the 12/5/99 episode:

December 5, 1999: CompUSA dials Dr. Kevorkian's offices-- what will happen to Apple's retail presence? Meanwhile, Future Power USA suddenly gets honest about their E-Power product, and Apple's ninja hit squad appears to be hard at work taking out Mac web sites again...

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