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Once upon a time, we joked that Windows 2000 was so named because it had that many bugs in it. Microsoft sure made us look stupid; we were way off. But now we take it all back-- everything we said about Microsoft's own count of 63,000 bugs in Windows 2000. We decided to look at it another way. Faithful viewer Russell Maggio was kind enough to point out a Reuters article about Redmond's long-awaited and much-ballyhooed NT upgrade due to ship in a few days, in which it's revealed that Windows 2000 has over thirty million lines of code. That means there's only one bug per each 476 lines of code; that sounds pretty darn good to us. Kudos to Microsoft; we feel that Windows 2000 should be judged on its code size-to-bug ratio, not some bizarre measure like how many problems a customer's likely to have when using the product.

In fact, in the words of Craig Bellinson, the Win2K lead product manager, "Windows 2000 is the most thoroughly tested operating system in history." Indeed, they've uncovered more bugs in Win2K than in any other OS ever. Fixing them's another matter, of course, but Win2K is the most thoroughly tested. That's the important thing. (In memory of the late Charles Schultz, may we quote Lucy? "If we can identify your problem, we can label it.")

That said, we must admit, the early reviews of Win2K are pretty darn positive. Rob Enderle, an analyst with a technology research firm, calls Windows 2000 "arguably the best product Microsoft has ever built. It is extremely stable." Which shows just how good Microsoft's programmers really are. If Win2K's the best product ever to come out of the code mines of Redmond, just imagine how amazing the operating system could be if they can someday get the bug count down to only four digits. Why, there'll be no stopping them!

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The above scene was taken from the 2/14/00 episode:

February 14, 2000: It's a big, fat valentine from Bill to Steve, courtesy of one of the Billster's old girlfriends. Meanwhile, the utter lack of scheduled webcasts and satellite broadcasts from the Macworld Expo Tokyo keynote probably has a few rumormongers squirming, and when viewed in light of Windows 2000's thirty million lines of code, a mere 63,000 bugs doesn't sound all that bad...

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