Don't Laugh-- It's Fashion (9/14/00)

So now everyone knows that Apple's got this new-fangled iBook, available in Indigo and Key Lime. And there's an iBook Special Edition, which comes in Graphite and-- again-- Key Lime. But how many of you knew that there's also an iBook Special Special Edition? Hey, you could have knocked us over with a feather, too, seeing as Uncle Steve seems to have completely forgotten to mention it during his keynote address. Maybe the flood had him a little stressed out or something, but for whatever reason, the press has been pretty quiet about this alternate model with a seriously daring color scheme. At least, most of the press...

Faithful viewer Drow forwarded us a link to an Associated Press article in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota, who somehow managed to scrounge up a photo of the mysterious Special Special Edition, which our sources say was code-named "Bruised Bumblebee." It differs from the standard Special Edition only in its striking color set: the cover is jet black, the highlights are a rich, creamy yellow, and the keyboard, trackpad, and palm rests are a deep, electric purple. It looks almost as if someone had, say, inverted the colors of an Indigo iBook. But that's Apple-- always fashion-forward.

Since Steve forgot to introduce it onstage in Paris, sources now say that the Special Special Edition will be held as a mid-season replacement just in case Key Lime's ratings suck. Most everyone in Apple's design department is in agreement that a black, yellow, and purple iBook would likely sell more briskly than one that's white and neon green. Keep your eyes peeled for this daring ensemble to hit the runways later this fall; meanwhile, check out the Star Tribune's photo ASAP, because you know how quickly Apple's lawyers can move...

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The above scene was taken from the 9/14/00 episode:

September 14, 2000: Just because Steve didn't make a big thing about it doesn't mean there's no new PowerBook for sale. Meanwhile, MacWEEK discovers that there is a market for Key Lime, and a photo of a mysterious fourth iBook color scheme surfaces in a Minnesota newspaper...

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