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Well, the Smithsonian has finally made official what you and we have all known for years: Apple is a national treasure. According to the Washington Post, cranking out translucent, brightly-colored computers isn't just a way to boost sales; it's also one way to win a National Design Award recognizing "excellence, innovation, and especially public impact." According to the Smithsonian, Apple wins because the current Macs are "revolutionary" and feature "groundbreaking but user-friendly design." Heck, it's about time.

The distinction is awarded by the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, who seeks to honor excellence in "American design." Shhh, no one tell them that Jonathan Ive, the man with the candy-colored plan, is British. Suppose he can do an American accent when he accepts the award? On second thought, there's no need; despite the fact that Apple would be dubbed a "national treasure" today at the freakin' White House, Ive won't be there-- and neither will Steve. Instead, they're apparently kicking back and unwinding after the stress of last week's Apple Expo in Paris.

Turning down an invitation to be crowned a national treasure, just because they're too tired... now that's success, baby. Unless perhaps Steve has come away from the Paris show fully Europeanized and his decision not to attend the awards ceremony is a deliberate snub. We can see it now-- Apple ditches its ugly American Cupertino headquarters, relocates to France, reinstates the British English localised version of the Mac OS, and forces us Yanks to give up our Trash and use the Wastebasket. This could get interesting...

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The above scene was taken from the 9/18/00 episode:

September 18, 2000: The second Cube commercial is missing in action, but you can catch a glimpse of its first public showing thanks to the miracle of QuickTime. Meanwhile, under-forecasting and tracking number snafus mar the introduction of the Mac OS X public beta, and Apple finally secures its official status as a "national treasure"...

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