The Joy Of Premature Retail (3/22/01)

It's official; the end of the world is at hand, so start preparing for whatever comes next. As of this past Tuesday night, discriminating Mac users agree that the best place to buy Mac software is, of all places, Staples. The only thing scarier would be Apple stores-within-stores showing up in clean, well-lit areas of Best Buy.

Most of you already know why Staples is currently the Mac user's best friend (and the latest addition to Steve Jobs's enemies list), but those of you who don't are probably a tad baffled by this news-- especially if you've ever actually tried to buy Mac software at Staples, whose selection of Mac-compatible products makes Sears look like the frickin' Promised Land. Well, here's the scoop: as dozens of people clued us in (faithful viewer Tony led the charge), most Staples stores are carrying Mac OS X-- and many of them received their shipments on Tuesday. What's more, evidently nobody bothered to tell Staples that they aren't allowed to sell any copies of Apple's new operating system until Saturday. Whoops!

So, yeah... some lucky guy wandered into his local Staples store on Tuesday night, saw a copy of Mac OS X on the shelf, laid out his $129, and went home with a copy four days early. And as soon as his report hit the 'net, Staples stores all over the nation were mobbed by drooling Mac geeks eager for a screen-licking fix well in advance of Apple's officially-sanctioned date. Not all locations are putting their copies of Mac OS X on display, but we've received numerous reports from people who simply asked for a copy and were brought one from the back room. We imagine Steve Jobs is on his way to Staples corporate headquarters armed with a nailgun even as we speak.

We at AtAT chose not to go the Staples route, since we're perfectly content to wait for our pre-order to arrive on Saturday. However, if you're the impulsive type and you really, really, really want Mac OS X right away, you might consider paying your local Staples a visit. It might be worth it simply for the surreal experience; after all, that's probably going to be the first and last time that Staples is the best place to buy something for your Mac. Be a part of history!

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The above scene was taken from the 3/22/01 episode:

March 22, 2001: Prepare to download; free Mac OS X-ready versions of iTunes, iMovie 2, and AppleWorks will hit Apple's servers on Saturday. Meanwhile, Uncle Steve lays out the schedule for the completion of Mac OS X's missing features, and somebody forgot to tell Staples not to sell Apple's new operating system until Saturday...

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