It'll Be... "Oh, My Nose!" (10/1/01)

So there we were, clicking happily away in Mac OS X 10.1, when we discovered two features of which we had not previously been aware. The first is that the Keyboard Preference panel lets you set up the ability to navigate the menubar, the Dock, the toolbars, etc. entirely from the keyboard, much like Windows has done for ages; some of you might find that tip useful. The other undocumented feature is that using 10.1 apparently focuses and enhances latent psychic ability. That's right; a few hours after getting all Aqua'd up, we realized that we could predict which Brady Bunch episode was about to come on Nick At Nite with a respectable 72% accuracy rating. Who knew?

Anyway, most of you using 10.1 are similarly psychically endowed and therefore already knew we were going to say that-- just as you already know what we're about to say about mid-October. But give those expanded sixth senses a rest for a bit, because we still have to clue in the rest of the audience, okay? (Remember, being psychic is no excuse for being rude. Don't make us telekinetically pop your skulls like melons. We've been practicing, you know.)

So yeah, mid-October; there have been rumors floating around about an Apple "press event" for a while, now, but while configuring our key repeat rate last night, we suddenly experienced a startlingly vivid Dead Zone-style premonition of the shindig-- one of those "special Apple events" that the company uses to introduce new gear when Macworld Expo is still a couple of months away. Sadly, we'd only been using Mac OS X 10.1 for about a day, so our second sight was limited largely to predicting the broadcast of '70s-era sitcoms, and therefore just what gear Apple is planning to wave in front of the press in a couple of weeks wasn't totally clear. We're pretty sure that we saw a couple of speed-bumped PowerBooks, but that's a safe bet anyway. The intriguing thing was that we saw something else there, too, but unfortunately it was far too foggy to make out.

We realize it's not much to go on, but we plan to keep using 10.1 as much as possible in hopes of honing our psychic abilities until we can actually see what else Uncle Steve has up his sleeve for this imminent unveiling party. With luck, we'll have a better idea of what to expect in as little as a day or two. Of course, it may take us up to two weeks to get a totally clear picture...

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The above scene was taken from the 10/1/01 episode:

October 1, 2001: It wasn't necessarily easy to get, but Mac OS X 10.1 is finally here-- and it rocks. Meanwhile, ethereal visions from beyond hint at an "Apple event" in mid-October packing new PowerBooks and a chewy candy surprise, and Henrico County's 23,000 iBooks apparently aren't quite as easy to manage as those folks originally expected...

Other scenes from that episode:

  • 3332: Definitely Worth The Wait (10/1/01)   Ladies, ladies, ladies-- Mac OS X 10.1 in the HIZ-ouse, yo. Forgive our giddy ebullience, but this update has finally made us remember why we were excited about Mac OS X in the first place. Funny how all it took to get us excited again is a release that actually works....

  • 3334: School Daze In Henrico (10/1/01)   Speaking of Apple "press events," remember that one back in May at which the company trotted out its spankin' new iBook? In addition to getting in a dignified potshot at Dell's ninety-pound consumer laptop, Steve also spent a lot of time playing up the iBook's unparalleled suitability for use in schools...

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