"Spins A Web Any Size..." (10/3/01)

We know that some of you are still seething over the, shall we say, "less than smooth" implementation of the Mac OS X 10.1 "Instant Up-To-Date Program." For some people, what should have been a simple trip to the local Apple reseller to pick up a couple of free update CDs turned into a nightmare of long lines, missing shipments, and gory mayhem that was not unlike the expected result of Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett teaming up to make a splatter movie. While we only got the merest taste of the potential trauma, if you were more deeply afflicted, we feel your pain.

Often in times like these, people search for meaning amid the seemingly senseless tragedy as a balm for their suffering. In that spirit, we pass along to you a possible-- though unconfirmed-- explanation as to why so many Apple resellers never got their upgrade kits, or got far fewer than they had ordered. According to faithful viewer steveT, the representative at his local store claims that the kits were so scarce because of a last-minute defect discovered only after Apple had pressed thousands of the discs; reportedly they all had the QuickTime version of the original Spider-Man movie trailer.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Well, because the original version of the trailer apparently includes a scene in which a helicopter flies into a giant spider web that's been spun right between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. That version of the trailer disappeared from the 'net the very day after both towers in this far less fun "real world" had been reduced to rubble-- but allegedly whoever was in charge of slapping together the upgrade discs didn't know that. As the story goes, someone discovered the inclusion of the arguably insensitive trailer at the last minute, and all the upgrade discs had to be destroyed and pressed again-- hence, the scarcity of upgrade kits last Saturday. True? We don't know. But it's an interesting story regardless, isn't it?

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The above scene was taken from the 10/3/01 episode:

October 3, 2001: After Palo Alto this weekend, set your retail phasers on Germantown and Albany. Meanwhile, we didn't really mean that Mike Dell had gone to work for Sony-- or did we? And one possible explanation emerges for the slightly sketchy free 10.1 upgrade program last weekend...

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  • 3339: Truth Stranger Than Satire (10/3/01)   See, here's one of the fundamental problems with AtAT: while it pulls in roughly twenty thousand viewers a day, its content is actually only targeted at about, maybe, six. What that means is that there are approximately 19,994 people out there who aren't fully attuned to our special blend of eleven herbs and spices...

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