Four For The Holidays (11/20/01)

Buffalo-area Mac fans (and yes, by necessity we suppose that includes most of you in Canada), it's time to start suiting up to get in line: both MacCentral and MacNN are now confirming our theory that Apple plans to open four retail stores this Friday: the previously-expected Miami, Santa Clara, and San Diego locations, plus the long-delayed Walden Galleria store. The Walden web page still doesn't list a grand opening date, but we've got three solid reasons to believe that Buffalo will gain its own little corner of Mac retail heaven this Friday.

First of all, "sources familiar with the store's progress" inform us that Apple has finished moving various inconveniently-located walls, the place is finally certified for retail business, the shelves are being stocked by cheerful little elves, and all systems are go. Secondly, members of the press apparently received official notices about the Buffalo opening this week. And last but not least, faithful viewer Julia noted that Buffalo store hours are posted on Apple's holiday schedule, beginning with "11/23 8 a.m.-10 p.m." Altogether, we think that's a fair bit of evidence.

What this means, of course, is that Apple's retail presence will increase by 22% just in time for shoppers to shake off the tryptophan and grab the credit cards. Some analysts are reportedly expecting Apple to fall on its face this holiday season, but while we don't have any hard numbers available, we've heard some pretty exciting anecdotal evidence that iPods are already a hot stocking stuffer in Mac households this year. We're not sure what Apple's margin on those little devices happens to be-- we've heard everything from "razor-thin" to a wholly unbelievable 57%-- but so far we're optimistic for Apple's chances at holiday cheer.

So everybody (and especially those of you in Buffalo, Miami, San Diego, and Santa Clara) prepare to incur some serious debt down at the local Apple store. If you don't, we have it on good authority that you'll wind up on Santa's "naughty" list; we hear that he and Steve are pretty tight. You've been warned.

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November 20, 2001: Buffalo denizens, be thankful; this Friday brings you an Apple retail store (along with three more in various other locales). Meanwhile, Palm-Handspring merger rumors conjure forth strange echoes of the past, and Microsoft offers to settle a slew of private antitrust cases by forcing Windows on inner-city kids...

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