Blimey! Quark Scarpered! (10/22/02)

Regular viewers may have noticed that we here at AtAT generally shy away from incorporating desktop publishing developments into the plot; sure, for some of you the lack of a Mac OS X version of QuarkXPress might constitute a life-or-death situation and edge-of-your-seat drama, but for us it's practically Snoozeville. Nothing personal, you understand, but it's just a matter of what floats one's boat, and our particular watercraft simply isn't buoyed by the world of CMYK and halftones and all that jazz.

Of course, if a desktop publishing situation arrives dripping with drama and has a Mac slant to boot, well, then that's something we can use without drifting off to Dreamland in the middle of a scene. What luck, then, that faithful viewer Tara Keezer tipped us off to a Macworld UK article about Quark's sudden decision to flee England so quickly and so thoroughly, you'd think they knew something we don't. Something about an imminent invasion by the Normans, perhaps? According to Macworld UK, Quark now has exactly two remaining UK staff, presumably left behind as bait to slow the advance of the conquering hordes who will pause to strip the flesh from the stragglers' bones before pillaging the rest of the country.

Okay, so maybe it's not an invasion that Quark's worried about; Macworld UK actually quotes one former Quark employee as reasoning that CEO Fred Ebrahimi wanted his company out of the UK because he "does not like the Macintosh platform." Uhhhh... say what now? Is this meant to imply that the head of Quark thinks that the UK is a bastion of Mac users? The AtAT staff was in the UK last year, and Mac users were harder to spot than gibbons running loose in Piccadilly Circus. Either things have changed drastically in the year since we left, or ol' Fred there needs to lay off the cough syrup.

No shills for Adobe are we, but it seems to us that an unnamed source stating that Quark is run by a Mac-hater (with an odd sense of demographics, apparently) might push a few fence-sitters who were waiting for a Carbonized Quark over into the InDesign camp-- but again, that's a tussle we find about as interesting as sorting lentils by size. Instead, we're going to check into this Norman invasion thing... plenty of potential for some ensuing wackiness there.

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The above scene was taken from the 10/22/02 episode:

October 22, 2002: No fisticuffs yet, and IDG agrees to let Apple attend Macworld Expo San Francisco-- but the future of the East Coast show is still up in the air. Meanwhile, something's a little strange about those IDC market share numbers, and Quark evacuates the UK so quickly you'd think they know something we don't...

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