Change of Pace (3/26/98)

And secondly on today's abbreviated episode, we're going waaaaay off topic to mention that cult in Garland, TX who believed that God was going to interrupt our earthly television broadcasts last Tuesday so he could tell us all that he was returning to earth in a week or so. When we first heard that this prediction had been made we weren't aware that the holy broadcast was scheduled for midnight and only on channel 18 through the country; thinking that God might pre-empt Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we panicked until we found out that Buffy was a rerun anyway. (Nobody messes with New Tuesday on the WB.)

Anyway, the prediction failed to come true, which comes as a great shock to a few very optimistic people, and as no big whoop to the rest of us. So why our interest? Because according to a Reuters article, the cult leader, Hon-Ming Chen, said something that we can only regard as a huge breath of fresh air: "Since God's appearance on television has not been realized, you can take what we have preached as nonsence. I would rather you don't believe what I say any more." Wow. When's the last time you heard a cult leader say that?

Actually, now that we think about it, it's not that far off topic. We Mac folk are used to being branded as a freakish cult waiting for the wildly improbable to happen any minute now. (Whether or not you find that insulting depends largely on how long you've been waiting for the wildly improbable to happen; with Apple finally returning to profitability, the jeers are easier to take these days.) Plus, Mac the Knife linked to the story, so it must be relevant. Right. I think it's probably time we started thinking about getting some rest...

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The above scene was taken from the 3/26/98 episode:

March 26, 1998: Microsoft, whose latest version of Office for the Mac may contain a cream pie in the face for some users, is losing its subtlety as the years drag on. Meanwhile, a cult leader admits he's wrong and recants, as your friendly neighboorhood AtAT staff begins to reach the hallucinatory stage of sleep deprivation...

Other scenes from that episode:

  • 570: Fish in a Barrel (3/26/98)   Since we're so tired, we're going for the easy conspiracy theory today-- hope you don't mind. It would trouble us to think that our viewers thought any less of us for going for the easy topic; namely, the way that Microsoft Office 98 seems to enjoy sparking the occasional System Folder deletion, just to keep users on their toes...

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