End o' the World (11/4/97)

The Apocalypse is Nigh! Or at least, you'd think so, after reading today's press release which states that CompUSA has committed to providing "significant retail space" to Apple computers, software, and accessories.

Really, this announcement shocks us far more than even the Microsoft agreement did. Whenever we've had to purchase any Mac hardware or software, the first store that came to mind has always been "Not CompUSA." The selection was uniformly terrible, the store displays were a joke, and the employees actively dissuaded customers from purchasing anything Macintosh. So you'll forgive us if it takes us a while to untie our brains after hearing CompUSA CEO Jim Halpin say that they "believe in the future of Apple." It's almost too good to be true.

Don't get too excited, though; the increased retail presence consists of separate Apple substores within each CompUSA superstore. (Separate but Equal?) Yes, it makes sense to segregate the merchandise for an easier shopping experience, but we can't help feeling that the Rosa Parks Apple ads are startlingly appropriate.

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November 4, 1997:

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