New Toys For Everyone (2/13/00)

It's funny, we've never been all that excited about a Tokyo Macworld Expo before. Then again, maybe it's not so surprising; Apple never announces shiny new products at an overseas event, so the keynote at the Tokyo Expo has traditionally been a rehash of the San Francisco keynote that took place a mere six weeks before. This time, though, there are all kinds of signs pointing to new hardware being unveiled this week-- new SKUs allegedly appearing in Apple's system, eyewitness accounts from Apple employees of production-quality Pismos, dealers claiming that G4 speed bumps are due on the 17th. All we can say is, if no new products debut this week, we're going to be awfully disappointed.

In fact, while our own rather staid and sober prediction is that we'll get Pismos and maybe speed-bumped G4s any day now, the rumors sites are falling all over themselves mentioning just about every product Apple's rumored to have in the development pipeline. Mac OS Rumors, for example, expects "numerous new products" at the Tokyo shindig, including Pismo, speed-bumped G4s, and even a speed-bumped iBook. AppleInsider goes slightly further, predicting not only the stuff that MOSR expects, but also possibly that long-rumored Graphite iBook that all the kiddies are drooling over-- the one with FireWire and DVD, remember? Sadly, the Apple-Palm hybrid is branded as "unlikely."

Okay, so now we're all revved up for some spankin' new gear. Here's hoping that Steve's requisite surprise doesn't turn out to be the same one we got in San Francisco-- namely, a hardware-free keynote. That would be especially devastating during the same week as Valentine's Day; it'd be like opening the heart-shaped box only to find a bunch of empty wrappers. Don't let us down, Steve... We're still a little antsy because webcast info doesn't appear to have been posted yet, and if there's no webcast, there will almost definitely be no new hardware.

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The above scene was taken from the 2/13/00 episode:

February 13, 2000: Steve bites back, claiming that FreeMac was not prevented from buying iMacs in any way. Meanwhile, Macworld Expo Tokyo is nearly upon us-- what goodies does Steve have in store? And by Microsoft's own count, Windows 2000 is buggier than an ant farm...

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