It's Not Easy Being Seen (7/31/00)

Now you see it, now you don't-- but wait a few days, and hey presto: the absent one returns, none the worse for wear. Stupid magic trick? Well, sort of; we're talking about the vanishing act that Apple pulled with its Sage commercial last week. The Sage one mysteriously disappeared from Apple's page of iMac ads, while the Indigo, Ruby, and Snow commercials all stood around and acted like nothing was amiss. Kermit-the-Frog-loving Mac fans the world over flocked to the MacTeens server, which graciously hosted an illicit copy of the Sage ad in QuickTime for those jonesing for a dose of "It's Not Easy Being Green."

But call off the search party; as faithful viewer Elliot was first to note, the Sage ad is now back at Apple's site, in all its muted green glory. Once again, the other hues on the page are pretending that nothing happened, and if the Pro Mouse saw anything out of the ordinary, it's keeping its yap shut. Yup, Sage was taken and then returned, apparently unchanged; those of us who figured that licensing issues with the Kermit song may have prompted Apple to replace it with a different ditty turned out to be quite wrong. So what did change, then? And why was the Sage ad taken in the first place? (Someone whistle the X-Files theme and then check the back of the ad's neck for an alien chip implant.)

Most likely there were issues to be resolved with Apple's use of Kermie's song (Steve seems fond of using others' intellectual property before securing the rights), but happily, an agreement would appear to have been hammered out. And so, everyone's favorite frog once again stands shoulder-to-shoulder (or, at least, shoulder-to-knee) with Elvis, Clapton, Dion, and Steppenwolf as they herald the coming of the iMac's fall line. Don't you just love happy endings?

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The above scene was taken from the 7/31/00 episode:

July 31, 2000: Irony of ironies: Apple's lawyers may soon be defending the company against a lawsuit from the maker of the Qube. Meanwhile, the MIA Sage commercial quietly reappears as if nothing happened, and rumors swirl of a new iBook arriving in time for fall...

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