Get Your USRDA of S. J. RDF (4/5/01)

Running low on Steveosity? Need a heaping helping of Steve to get you through the rest of the week? Is your life not as Stevelicious as it probably should be? You're in luck; The Age has just published a lengthy article on everyone's favorite CEO-- and it's an interview! And it's not just any old "Q&A" interview, either, because Steve's comments are interspersed with extensive backstory and fun stuff like descriptions of Steve at a Mac as "priest-before-altar." The author clearly took a full-strength hit of Reality Distortion Field energy, and is looking to share its effects.

Thrill to such disarmingly personal moments as Steve showing off beautiful fonts by typing the names of his three youngest kids! Drink the Kool-Aid and unquestioningly accept such RDF-dripping proclamations as "more than almost any other man, Jobs may claim to have changed forever the way the world works, lives and plays"! Watch as Steve goes off on the term "digital divide" as just one more way that society shields itself from the unpleasant issue of global poverty! And, perhaps most exciting of all, learn once and for all the secret of the suit!

Yes, folks, this interview was conducted in Tokyo, site of the alarming Keynote-in-a-Suit that baffled and disoriented fans who are unused to seeing Steve in anything dressier than his trademark black turtleneck and jeans. But if you've spent many a sleepless night since that fateful day in January trying to extract the greater meaning of Steve's sudden change in fashion sense, The Age has granted you a reprieve from the tossing and turning. Says Steve: "I just figured, here I am in Japan and I shouldn't look like a bum."

Is it really as simple as that? Shouldn't there be some greater meaning, some deeper mystery to The Suit? We can't help feeling that we should be attaching some sort of higher significance to Steve's "rumpled, slightly out-of-fashion charcoal suit with faint red pinstripes"-- maybe some kind of David Byrnesque performance art statement. In any event, it sounds to us like it was a one-time sort of deal: "I haven't worn a suit in years. It's just an old suit I had lying around. I wouldn't count on my wearing it much in the future. Wearing a suit cuts off your blood supply." Words of wisdom from the master, kids; take heed!

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The above scene was taken from the 4/5/01 episode:

April 5, 2001: The mothership's still keeping mum, but the owner of a Chicago storefront confirms that Apple has signed a long-term lease. Meanwhile, provides further clues that Apple retail stores are headed for Minneapolis (and a few bonus surprise cities), and a rare interview with Steve Jobs settles the mystery of the Tokyo Suit once and for all...

Other scenes from that episode:

  • 2970: Chicago: Officially Official (4/5/01)   More on the Apple retail store front: those of you in the Windy City can officially start the party. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the owner of that choice Magnificent Mile storefront that Apple was eyeing has confirmed that the ink is now officially on the paper: Steve signed a "long-term lease."...

  • 2971: More Pieces Of The Puzzle (4/5/01)   In other Apple retail store news, the Mac Observer claims to have secured further evidence to back up AppleInsider's recent claim that Minneapolis will be getting a brick-and-mortar Apple store of its own...

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