She's Just One "Moof" Away (6/11/02)

Just a quickie, here, folks; if you're even remotely interested in Mac OS X's continuing development, the odds are good that you've been keeping at least one eyeball peeled and trained steadily on Think Secret recently. If so, then you're already aware of Think Secret's latest update on Jaguar, that lip-smacking upgrade due for delivery sometime this summer. If you somehow missed it, make sure you stop in and take a look around, because there's a ton of welcome info about integrated ODBC tools, a more flexible (and way more powerful) "Get Info" mechanism, significantly expanded network sharing options, automatically shuffling Desktop pictures, a revamped calculator app that (finally) has more features than the free calculator they hand out when you open a savings account at the local bank, translucent floating Stickies (ooooooo), and more.

We're looking forward to all that cool stuff in Jaguar-- we really are. You have no idea how much we could use a couple of translucent floating Stickies right about now. (We're easily amused.) But what's really got us grinning like maniacs despite the sleep deprivation is this screenshot, pointed out by faithful viewer jetfuel: Clarus the Dogcow is back, baby! And we're not sure, but we think she may have lost a little weight. She looks fabulous, though.

Yes, we thought we'd lost her-- or, at least, that Clarus's presence in Apple's next-generation operating system was limited to passing references in system files so obscure that even their own parents couldn't pick 'em out of a line-up. And really, having to open a doctored "localized.rsrc" file in ResEdit every single time you want to scope out Clarus always struck us as terribly unfair, especially since under Mac OS 9 she's still the high-profile mascot of the Page Setup dialog boxes. But with Jaguar, all that will change; soon, we'll be able to invoke Clarus at any time with a simple click on the Keyboard menu. Ah, life is good again.

Of course, that assumes that Clarus's presence as the icon for the new "Character Palette" in the currently seeded pre-release Jaguar build is more than just a placeholder while the graphic arts folks come up with the option's real icon. But we're not going to entertain such negative thoughts, preferring instead to walk on the sunny side of the street. Clarus lives!

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The above scene was taken from the 6/11/02 episode:

June 11, 2002: Apple finally lets loose with a hard-hitting ad campaign focused on getting Wintel users to switch to Macs. Meanwhile, the company reorganizes its education division and sticks Mr. Couch in charge, and Clarus the Dogcow appears to have snagged a lucrative and high-profile guest spot in the next upgrade for Mac OS X...

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  • 3717: Pinch Us, We're Dreaming (6/11/02)   Pardon our French, here, but holy crap! Or should that be "le crap sacré"? Whatever. Regardless of which vaguely offensive interjection we choose and in what language it's butchered, our intent is simply to convey a sense of utter shock and paralyzing disbelief that Apple is finally going for the competition's throat with a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred marketing campaign that is obviously and unapologetically designed to swipe new Mac customers from the ranks of the Wintel hordes...

  • 3718: Education Plan O' The Day (6/11/02)   Not that we expected improvements to become obvious overnight or anything, but it's been quite a while since Apple lost its hold on its once-mighty lead in the education computing market and vowed to take it back again...

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