Treason & Gunpowder Plot (10/28/02)

Boy howdy, buckaroos, if you've been sitting around waiting for Apple to revamp its line of displays, you've been waiting a very long time indeed. Oh, sure, we got the 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display waaaay back in March, but unless you're the type of person who had a hankering for a 1920x1200 screen and $3499 sitting around in convenient cartoony bundles of cash, the odds are pretty good that that particular announcement didn't mean a whole lot to you personally. And if you were waiting for price drops on the smaller displays, or the introduction of the long-rumored Slightly Less Immense™ Cinema Display that you might actually be able to purchase without knocking over a liquor store or six, well, geez, you've been out of luck for the longest time.

Maybe not for much longer, though. There are definitely rumors buzzing around that Apple plans to introduce a new display come Guy Fawkes Day, one week from Tuesday. Whether these rumors are even remotely true we can't say, but they appear to originate from the French site MacPlus, which reports (as far as we can make out from an automatic Google translation) that come the 5th of November, Apple will be taking the wraps off of a new 19-inch Cinema Display and retiring the original 22-inch model. No word on what the price of this shrimpy new Cinema Display might be, should the thing materialize as expected, but if we had to guess, we'd say... what, maybe $1699? Who knows?

What we do know is that, while the entry-level 15-inch Apple Studio Display is still listed on Apple's web site, it disappeared from the Apple Store a while ago, meaning that Apple's cheapest available display-- the 17-incher-- currently runs a staggering $999. Here's hoping that if Apple moves to a 17-19-23 display line-up, as MacPlus suggests, the 17-inch model's price drops at least a few hundred clams. And it'd be nice if the Cinema HD Display shed a grand and settled at the allegedly-retiring 22-inch Cinema Display's price point, but we're certainly not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, what about that saucy little note at the end of the article that November 5th will also mark the debut of a new line of PowerBooks? If there's anything folks have been waiting for longer than an affordable mini-Cinema Display, it's a PowerBook with a SuperDrive somehow shoehorned into its svelte little enclosure. Will it finally come to pass? Between the new display and a new PowerBook, Apple may yet give us a reason to remember, remember the fifth of November-- aside from that whole "blowing up Parliament" thing, of course.

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The above scene was taken from the 10/28/02 episode:

October 28, 2002: Apple announces its intention to open three, count 'em, three new retail stores this Saturday. Meanwhile, rumors fly about new displays and PowerBooks slated to surface in a week, and Microsoft litters New York City for the sake of advertising MSN 8 and is fined the unreasonable sum of fifty big ones...

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