The Cuts Continue (9/21/97)

By now you've probably already heard about the next round of Apple layoffs. Last time, under the sweeping hand of then-CEO Gil Amelio, we effectively lost OpenDoc and Game Sprockets, as well as some other technologies. Now, under Jobs, it appears that the Advanced Technology Group and the Human Interface department will each go the way of the dodo.

Just take a look at the email posted over at MacOS Rumors for one HI guy's take on things. AtAT will miss the ATG, even though many of its cool technologies never get released (like the 3D Finder). But cutting the HI department is what scares the bejeezus out of us. When you compare Macs and PCs these days, it's not a pretty sight for the Mac-faithful: Macs are still more expensive for equivalent systems, the PowerPC still hasn't blazed past the Intel offerings (Apple squelching the PPC 750 and CHRP machines hasn't helped), PC's still have more software... So where do Macs come out ahead? Useability. And where does that useability edge come from? Human interface. Yes, I'd rather use a slower, more expensive Mac than switch to Windows, because of the interface. It's the Mac's one huge advantage right now.

So why is Jobs axing the department?

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The above scene was taken from the 9/21/97 episode:

September 21, 1997: (Sorry—this was before we started writing intro text for each episode!)

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