You Can Quote Us On That (9/5/01)

Ah, the dark side of fame! When we set out to take over the world by crafting an intensely popular and hypnotic 'net soap capable of holding hordes of dutiful minions in our thrall, little did we suspect that someday we'd start seeing our own timeless words appearing in surprising and occasionally unwelcome places. It's one thing to be quoted on occasion; being quoted out of context and sans any hint of irony, on the other hand, can be just a wee bit painful.

See, here's an example of a "good" cameo: faithful viewer Necris Rex pointed out that we made an unexpected appearance in, of all things, an article on alternative religions. The article itself is a lighthearted take on an age-old subject: the concept of the Mac faithful as cult. Indeed, we had taken a stab at it ourselves back in May when we noted the disturbing similarities between Mac community behavior and "cult characteristics" listed by the Cultic Studies Journal, which is what spawned our surprise walk-on appearance in the article in the first place. But our original scene was simply used as a springboard for some editorial musings, everything worked out just fine, and no one got hurt.

At the other end of the spectrum, faithful viewer Kat noticed that, unbeknownst to us, we actually got quoted in an article for an Australian IT web site that evidently forgot to read our disclaimer. First of all, we were described not as "an edge-of-your-seat drama destined for Emmy consideration any day now," but rather as "a Macintosh rumour and gossip Web site." Clearly something is terribly, terribly amiss, here. And then, in describing last month's brouhaha when Microsoft "upgraded" Internet Explorer and killed QuickTime in the process, the article quotes us as describing the "upgrade" as "obviously an overt anti-competitive sleazoid move" and "part of some massive conspiracy to undermine Apple's media technology."

Now, of course, we did say that, but taken out of context, it makes us sound like raving paranoiacs! In contrast, if you go back and read what we said in context, we think you'll agree that we instead come across as calm, collected, and well-medicated paranoiacs. Ooo, we hate being misrepresented... but that's what happens when everyone's out to get you.

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The above scene was taken from the 9/5/01 episode:

September 5, 2001: It's September-- almost time for syndicated Buffy and Mac OS X 10.1. Meanwhile, a financial analyst actually says nice things about Apple even during these troubled economic times, and AtAT is showing up in some unexpected-- and possibly unwelcome-- places these days...

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  • 3284: Countdown To Buffy (& 10.1) (9/5/01)   Holy cats, we're already five days into September, and you know what that means: less than three weeks until the start of syndicated Buffy episodes on fx! Oh, and for those of you who insist on remaining strictly on-topic, it also heralds the imminent release of Mac OS X 10.1...

  • 3285: See? They Aren't ALL Bad (9/5/01)   As you are all likely well aware, Mac fans typically don't get along terribly well with financial analysts-- or, should we say, with those entities that the rest of the world calls "financial analysts," but that we more commonly refer to as "scum-sucking sleaze-weasels."...

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