More 'Pods For The Asking (10/7/02)

In the past we've mentioned several straightforward, simple ways to score a free iPod-- such as performing at the Grammy Awards, becoming an Academy Awards nominee or presenter, or, far more prosaically, signing up for business-class DSL from Speakeasy. Well, it turns out that there are a couple more options for all of you Free 'Pod seekers out there... options that slipped right under our radar, possibly because we're too busy listening to the iPods we already have to notice all the ways to get more of them for free. But we're here today to remedy that grievous sin of omission, so please don't hit us. We bruise easily.

First up, faithful viewer Dave kindly pointed out that BMW is giving away free 5 GB iPods with every F 650 CS motorcycle they sell. This is presumably so you can enjoy the best of Steppenwolf while riding, thus being the only person in a two-block radius not listening to the noise from your bike's engine. (Not that we know anything about motorcycles, of course-- for all we know, the F 650 CS might be comparatively silent. Heck, we can almost guarantee that it's at least no louder than our dual-800 MHz Power Mac. "ARE YOU SURE IT'S ON?! IT'S WHISPER-QUIET!!")

And, of course, now that the senility and the sleep deprivation are combining to form a fizzy potent brew of forgetfulness, we completely neglected to point out that Small Dog Electronics (an AtAT advertiser from Day One) is having its own iPod giveaway later this month-- although there are some significant differences between BMW's promotion and Small Dog's. For one thing, Small Dog is giving away a super-deluxe 20 GB iPod, which means you get the solid-state touch-wheel, the nifty earbud remote, and the ability to cram an extra three thousand songs in your pocket. For another, with BMW's promotion, you have to shell out several grand for a motorcycle, which isn't necessarily a problem if you're looking for light transportation, but it's potentially extraneous (not to mention a little bulky) if you just want the iPod. For Small Dog's giveaway, on the other hand, all you need to do is register. Of course, there's that little distinction between "sure thing, free with purchase" and "random drawing, odds of one in thousands," but hey, why would you want to dwell on that?

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The above scene was taken from the 10/9/02 episode:

October 9, 2002: It's (apparently) official: Macworld Expo is returning to Boston. Meanwhile, Microsoft must be kidding with its new "Ms. M.o.X.i.e." contest, and free iPods abound for motorcycle purchasers and one lucky contest winner...

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