Presenting... The LogoPod (12/12/02)

Whoops, looks like we missed one of those new-fangled celebrity iPods when we mentioned them yesterday; faithful viewer Larry (of MacMinute fame!) tipped us off to the fact that in addition to the fame-o-riffic Madonna, Tony Hawk, and Beck signature editions, Apple is also selling a limited edition No Doubt iPod, which features the band's logo laser-engraved on the back. To be fair, though, when we actually wrote that scene, apparently no one knew about the No Doubt model, as even MacMinute's coverage at the time had omitted it, and seriously, those guys are on top of everything.

Now, what's interesting about this No Doubt iPod isn't so much the implication that the band's members are probably Apple fans, which hints that you might have an infinitesimally greater shot at scoring with Gwen Stefani just because you're a Mac geek. (Note that we're not here to poop on anyone's dreams, no matter how insanely unlikely it is that they'll ever come true.) No, the intriguing bit is the fact that Apple apparently isn't restricting itself to laser-engraving signatures on these celebrity models, since logos are also fair game. Given that these "limited edition" CelebPods are raking in an extra $49 per unit, we figure that if Apple releases more iPods emblazoned with popular corporate logos, the company could make a mint.

But what corporate logos should Apple use? Nike? Krispy Kreme? Mr. Sparkle, a joint venture of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern? Wait, we've got it-- it's obvious what Apple needs to do: it should capitalize on the raging brand loyalty of the Mac community and start selling iPods with the Apple logo on them. Man, we bet those would sell like hotcakes!

Now that we've solved Apple's revenue problems once and for all, perhaps the company would consider moving beyond simple signatures and logos for its special edition iPods. Is there any particular reason they can't laser-etch faces into the iPod's shiny hinder? Because all joking aside, if Apple ever sees fit to release an Ellen Feiss iPod sporting a reasonable facsimile of everybody's favorite teen spokesdeity, we'd trade up in a second. Hey, if her likeness works so well on a pumpkin, why not on an iPod?

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The above scene was taken from the 12/12/02 episode:

December 12, 2002: Turns out we missed one-- there's a No Doubt iPod available, too. Meanwhile, Apple sues another employee for revealing trade secrets, but this guy might have bigger things to worry about, and Quark reportedly claims that its customers will continue to buy Mac OS 9-booting Macs until the middle of next year...

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  • 3888: The Quark Problem Solved (12/12/02)   Good news, Mac classicists: rumors are rampant that Mac OS 9 may have been quietly granted a reprieve. You may recall that Apple has been announcing the death of the "classic" Mac OS for quite a while, now...

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